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Albert moon’s daisy oil was researched and developed by Albert Moon’s simply because they love dogs and they add dogs suffered particularly badly from this life spoiling condition.

It is made from the oil of a particular Daisy and you gently apply it to dog lower back on the affected area just once a day in the morning. For a short period of time you can apply it two, or even three times a day hurry the healing.

It is important to remember for the internal application to continue even after the dog skin shows completely clear.

This oil is applied five drops daily for a small dog and eight drops daily for a large dog. It tastes good and is totally safe for us animals.

lower cholesterol

Albert moon’s effective at reducing cholesterol levels and diminishing cardiovascular events, but what was badly needed was formal research.

It has proven again and again in both human and animal studies, to lower bad cholesterol and raise good cholesterol without any adverse side effects.

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